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If you end up "riding the fence" for too long, you'll end up with splinters in your buttocks.

Here at Fencing San Diego, we strive to provide a unique service to all of our customers. While other companies may think of every client as the same, we tailor our services to your specific needs. If you want a fence of a specific height, no problem. Specific color? No problem. If you have specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. In every case, we will aim to accommodate you, and your requirements to the best of our ability.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons you should choose us, we are the top rated fencing company in San Diego. Whether you want classic iron fencing, or a more “wallet friendly” wooden fence – we can provide it all. All of our employees are fully trained, and will always arrive on time, and get the job done by the deadline. Here are a few more reasons you should choose us, if you are still undecided:

  • Quality: Other companies will just aim to get the job done, whereas we would rather spend slightly longer installing your fencing, and make sure that we do the job correctly. This will extend the lifetime of your fencing.
  • Skilled Workforce: All of our employees are experts at installing fences, and will always do the best work possible. They will make sure that each fence panel connects perfectly, making a smooth straight edge. This not only makes your fencing look much better, but also protects the fencing.
  • Variety: We can offer various types of fencing in a large variety of materials, such as: wood, vinyl, iron, and even chain link. This makes sure that we have a type of fencing for each budget, whether you only have a small amount to spend on fencing, or if you want the best fencing possible, Fencing San Diego can do it!

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Fencing San Diego


Other companies may use the cheapest fencing possible, in order to maximise profits – whereas here at Fencing San Diego, our top priority is customer satisfaction. Therefore we will use the best possible fencing for your budget, ensuring your utmost happiness. Our skilled employees will aim to install the fence in the most efficient way possible, while protecting your fence panels from damage during installation.

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Fencing San Diego

About us

We are the premier fencing retailers and Installation Company in San Diego, we aim to keep our prices low and our quality high! This ensures customer satisfaction is always high, and makes us a much better company. We also make sure our workforce promptly arrive at your residence, at the agreed time, this is something so simple – yet many companies still cannot manage this. We understand the importance of punctuality.

About Us

Fencing San Diego


All of our team aim to provide the best service possible. Whether this is by accommodating your specific requirements, or dealing with any issues promptly and in a polite manner, we’re sure you’ll love the way we work. All of our installation team will work until the job is done, regardless of what time it is.